Wedding Photo of

   Otto Daniel Wilhelm BULLERT (1890-1975)

and Marie Clara "Mary" BRAKHAGE​ (1892-1966)

married Mar. 5, 1913 in Day County, South Dakota.

    Otto was age 22, and Mary was age 20.

​               They had 9 children.

1.  Byron Jadon BULLERT (1913-1983)

2.  Vivian Minnie (BULLERT) SHEA (1915-1993)

3.  June Marie (BULLERT) HONEY (1917-1979)

4.  David Charles BULLERT (1920-2005)

5.  Margery Rose (BULLERT) KRAL (1922-1993)

6.  Betty Dorothy (BULLERT) COGHILL (1924-2015)

7.  Orin Dean BULLERT (1927-2014)

8.  Beverly Ann "Winnie" (BULLERT) SWANSON (1930-2016)

9.  Marilyn Jeanne (BULLERT) RARICK

​Otto was a grandson of David and Rosa (SEEHAVER) BULLERT.  

He was the 3rd of 10 children of parents Charles "Carl" BULLERT (1860-1920) and Wilhelmine "Minnie" Augusta Mathilda KOHLS (1867-1953) who lived in Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota.   Otto owned a farm in Webster, Day County, South Dakota where he and Mary raised nine children.  ​Otto lived to age 84.  Mary lived to age 74.  They are both buried in Webster Cemetery, Webster, South Dakota.




                   Wedding Photo of

            Anna BULLARD (1876-1973)

​and Friedrich H. MUHLENHARDT (1870-1940)

           married in Minnesota in 1895

​               They had 12 children.

1.  William Herman MUHLENHARDT (1897-1977)

2.  Maria Sophia MUHLENHARDT (1898-1981)

3.  Ida Johanna MUHLENHARDT (1900-1989) 

4.  Henry Carl (Heinrich Karl) MUHLENHARDT (1902-1923)

5.  Helen MUHLENHARDT (1902-unk)

6.  Magdalene "Lena" MUHLENHARDT (1902-1989)

7.  Anna "Annie" Fredericka MUHLENHARDT (1906-1995)

8.  Mina Anna MUHLENHARDT (1908-1995)

9.  Friedrich "Fred" Adolph MUHLENHARDT (1910-1958)

10. Margaret Else MUHLENHARDT (1913-1996)

11. Carl John Conrad MUHLENHARDT (1916-1989)

12.Walter Conrad MUHLENHARDT (1918-1991)

Anna was the 3rd of 13 children of Charles "Carl" August BULLERT (1849-1917) and Margaretha "Margaret" DOERR (1853-1897) who lived in Jessenland, Sibley County, Minnesota.   Fred owned a farm and raised their children in Eagle Creek, Scott County, Minnesota.  ​Fred lived to age 69.  Anna lived to age 97.  They are both buried in Valley Cemetery, Shakopee, Scott County, Minnesota.

According to Eldrene (Zeigler) Ebert, researcher with Sibley County Historical Society, Sibley, Minnesota:

​This is the original farm house in which David and Rosa (Seehawer) Bullert lived.  It was located in Section 23 of Green Isle Township, Sibley County, Minnesota, just north of Schauer's Lake.  It was probably built when David bought the land in 1866.  The house was moved to Section 21 in 1874 when David got land there.  In October 2001, the house was torn down by Donald Ziegler.

"This old picture was in the possession of Violet Brockhoff nee Bullert.  It was found in her parents' home (Ed and Alvina Bullert) on the bottom of a dresser drawer when her parents passed away.  She had a copy made for me at that time.  Violet has also passed away and I don't know where it is, or even if it still exists. I don't think there was a date on the photo, or I would have copied it."

Wedding Photo of

John Albert BULLERT (1869-1929) and

Ernestine "Tillie" Bertha RUCKS (1875-1935)

July 30, 1898

taken by N. Hassan, Glencoe, McLeod Co., Minnesota

They adopted 4 children (3 boys and a girl).  

Two sons died within 2 months of each other at age 3 months old.  

Daughter Martha Bullert became a college professor,

and was a POW in the Philippines in World War II.

Children of John and Ernestine BULLERT

1.  Arthur Harold BULLERT  (1902-1986)

2.  Rahmund BULLERT  (1902-1903)

3.  Karl BULLERT  (1902-1903)

​4.  Martha BULLERT  (1909-1996)

John and Ernestine (RUCKS) BULLERT lived in Green Isle, Sibley County, Minnesota where John was a farmer.

John and Ernestine BULLERT are buried in

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Green Isle, Sibley Co., Minnesota

David Erdmann Bullert (1820-1887)

and wife Rose SEEHAWER (1825-1903)

undated photo



Father, Edward J.

Sept. 16, 1866

Jan. 27, 1941

Mother, Minnie D.

June 2, 1873

​June 6, 1942

                                          Photo contributed to Findagrave by                                                                                Sibley County Historical Society


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Mina "Minnie" (GENNERICH also GENNRICH) Dorothea BULLERT

b. 2 June 1873, Benton, Carver Co., Minnesota

d. 6 June 1942, Green Isle, Sibley Co., Minnesota (age 69)

burial Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (New),

Row 3, Stone 16

wife of Edward Julius BULLERT, Sr. (1866-1941)

​They had 10 children.

​Minnie was the 11th child of 13 children born to

German-born parents,

Wilhelm Friedrich "Hermann" GENNRICH (1824-1895) and

Hannah "Augusta" Sophia PETERMANN (1832-1910).

Hermann's parents were born in Scandinavia.

He arrived in America in 1846.