David Erdmann Bullert married Rose Seehaver

in Zempelburg on Sept. 4, 1843.

1809 Census of the Village of Pempersin

The village of Pempersin (now Peperzyn), where Seehawer (Seehaver/Seehafer) ancestors

lived, was 14 miles south of Zempelburg (now Sepolno Krajenskie, Poland).

PEMPERSIN, West Prussia (now Peperzyn, Poland) - SEEHAVER (SEEHAWER/SEEHAFER) ancestors lived in Pempersin, a village just south of Vandsburg.  There was an early Lutheran Church there.  

Records for the village of Pempersin in the mid 1700s list many Seehawer ancestors living and farming there.   The Seehawer surname appeared in Pempersin marriage records between other families whose surnames are familiar to Bullert descendants today.  These marriages formed relationships that are considered allied family ancestors.   Among those surnames are:

Abraham, Dietrich, Frase, Geske, Rux, Schlaak,

Wolf, Wiedenholt, Zeisemer and Zempel