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1Lt. Richard Lance HONEY

United States Air Force


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POW - World War II

Santo Tomas Internment Camp, Manila, Philippines


​​Bullert ancestors are listed here to honor their service

to our country and to remember our fallen heroes.

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Civilian service

Betty Dorothy (Bullert) Coghill (1924-2015) - supervisor, welding

David Charles Bullert (1920-2005)- producing food
Margery Rose (Bullert) Kral (1922-1993) - welder
Orin Dean Bullert (1927-2014) - welder (paid twice as much as women)

Military service

George Knebel "Kay" Brakhage (1925-2009) - U.S. Navy
Willard A. Brakhage (1909-1981) - U.S. Army (injuries)

​Adolph Ernest Bullert (1894-1983)​ - WWI, U.S. Army

​Co. C, 53rd Infantry

Enlisted May 4, 1918 to June 21, 1919

​U.S. Army Transport Service (Army transport ships for both troop transport and cargo service between 

United States ports and overseas posts)

Aldus Fred Bullert (1926-2001) ​- Korean War, U.S. Air Force

Airman 1st Class (A1C).  Enlisted Feb. 1, 1952 to Jan. 31, 1956.

More than 5.7 million U.S. troops were sent to war in Korea during the three year conflict,

and 36,574 were killed, according to official figures.

August "Gust" Edward Bullert (1890-1962) - WWI

PVT, Co. B, 4th A.A.M.G. (anti-aircraft machine gun) Bn, Camp Dodge, Iowa

July 25, 1918 - Jan 25, 1919 (honorable discharge)

During World War I, served in the Armed Forces in France.

Members of the local V.F.W. attended the funeral services in his honor

and recorded their fallen comrade military rites at the graveside service.

Byron Jadon Bullert (1913-1983) - U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Carl (Charles) Ludwig Bullert(1831-1877) - Civil War, Co., G, 7th Minnesota Infantry

David Eugene Bullert (1928-2007) - U.S. Navy, WWII

EM2, U.S.S. Palawan (ARG-10)

DuWayne Harold Bullert (1946-2009) - Sgt., U.S. Army

1966-1969; served in Germany and Vietnam

Edward Orin Bullert (1936-1985) - U.S. Army

Enlisted July 12, 1957; released July 1, 1959

Emil Herman Bullert (1891-1961) - U.S. Navy, WWI

PVT, Supply Co., 332 Field Artillery, 86th Div. [burial unk]

Empress of Russia; Enlisted 28 June 1913; Hon. Discharged 28 Feb 1919

​​Frederick "Fred" August Bullert (1895-1979) - WWI - served in A.E.F in France

(September 8, 1918-December 21, 1918).  Became disabled as the result of chemical gas used in trench warfare in France according to his daughter Leatrice Ziwisky.  Fred was inducted June 24, 1918 at Glencoe, MN and was in

Company G, 161st Depot Brigade, Camp Grant (June 25, 1918- August 18, 1918);

Co. G 341st Infantry (August 18, 1918 to October 10, 1918);

354th Infantry (October 10, 1918 - January 15, 1919);

Co. C. Convalescent Center January 15, 1919 to date of discharge February 3, 1919

John Bullert (1838-1920) - Civil War, Co. G, 7th Minnesota Infantry

​Lester "Les" Emil Bullert (1926-2015) - WWII and Korean War

WWII, American Merchant Marines Ocean Going Service (Dec. 1, 1944 - Aug. 3, 1945)

Korean War, U.S. Army (Jan. 9, 1952 - Nov. 29, 1953)

​Louis P. Bullert (1905-1975) - U.S. Navy, WWII [burial unk]

Enlisted May 23, 1942; Released July 3, 1945; U.S.S. Joseph T. Dickman (AP-26/APA-13)

​Martin William Bullert (1917-1990)​ - U.S. Army, WWII

Enlistment Oct. 28, 1942; Released Jan. 2, 1946 

Orin Dean Bullert (1927-2014) - U.S. Navy

Robert David Bullert (son of David Charles Bullert) - Reserve Component

Julian Baxter Coghill, Jr. (1918-2003) - U.S. Navy, WWII

During World War II, he served as a Lieutenant in the Navy on a Landing Craft Infantry gunboat. His group received a Presidential Unit Citation for the landing at Iwo Jima. He was transferred by E.I. Dupont to Orange, Texas where he was employed for 47 years as environmental engineer.

Robert C. Elliott (1908-1957) - U.S. Army

1LT. Richard Lance Honey (1943-1969) - U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War

Bohumil "Boh" J. Kral (1916-2002) - U.S. Marine Corps

Stephen Clark Kral (son of Bohumil J. Kral) - U.S. Marine Corps

Col. David Rarick (1923-1981) - U.S. Army, Engineers and Judge Advocate General Corps