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 This is the actual Nov. 9, 1752 marriage entry in the Zempelburg parish record, in Latin, for

Danielem Bullert and Mariannam Mellerowna.

Witnesses were Petro (Peter) MELLER and

Christiano (Christian) BULLERT.

​       Given names appear to use Old Polish grammar due to the

     word endings.  Ending "em" is the masculine identifier of the

     name Daniel.   Ending "am" is the feminine identifier of the

     name Marian or Marianne.  The "owna" at the end of

     Marianne's name means an unmarried woman (of Meller).


     The parish record begins on that page identifying who is

     performing the baptisms and ceremonies in the parish church.     "Ego Casimirus Pierynski" meaning "I, Casimir Pierynski".

     "November [1752]

       Eadem Miasto
        Idem Confirmavi Matrimonium legitime contractum

       premissis tribus Bannis Diebus Festivis publicatis inter

       Danielem Bullert et Mariannam Mellerowna de Suburbio

       Sempelborgen.  Presene Petro Meller et Christiano Bullert

       L.?  Lutheranis de Eodem Suburbio."

My best effort to translate from Latin:

        Same Town [meaning Sempelborgen]

        Also confirmed [by Casimirus Pierynski, parish priest

        whose name appears at the top of the page] the legitimate

        marriage contract [after] publication [of the] Banns [for]

        three days between Daniel Bullert and Marianne Meller of

        the suburb Sempelburg.  Present Peter Meller and Christian

        Bullert, Lutherans of the same Suburb.

   Marriage intentions (banns) were announced a few weeks

   before a couple planned to marry.  The couple were

   required to announce their intentions two or three times

   so other community members could raise any objections

   to the marriage. This was a requirement in Poland

   probably since the time marriage records were first kept.

   Marriage registers sometimes gave the two or three dates

   on which the marriage intentions were announced, in

   addition to the marriage date, though this one did not.