David Wilhelm Erdmann BULLERT

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son of Erdmann BULLER (1770-1829)
grandson of Daniel BULLER (1726-1803)

           David Wilhelm Erdmann BULLERT was the 5th and youngest child born to Erdmann BULLERT and his second wife, 

           Ana Dorothea Elisabeth KORNIG, in Zempelburg, West Prussia (now Sepolno Krajenskie, Poland).   The Bullert family

           was Lutheran.  David's father, Erdmann BULLERT, was a master carpenter and farmer in Zempelburg who died at age 62

           of "never fever" (likely typhoid) on May 22, 1829 when David was just 9 years old.   

​           On Sept. 4, 1843, at age 23, David married Rosa SEEHAFER.  

           They would raise 12 children.

           In 1849, six years after his marriage to Rosa, David's mother,

           Dorothea (KORNIG) BULLERT, died.   David was 29 years old.  

           At age 37, David and his family left their homeland in Zempelburg,

           Kreis Flatow, West Prussia, departing from Hamburg, Germany, 

           on the ship "Gulfstream", arriving in Quebec, Canada on 

           May 1, 1857.   It is unclear why they did not go directly to America

           (i.e., New York City), or when his family arrived in the United States,

           but likely they crossed the Canadian border into Minnesota soon

           after arriving in Canada.

                                                                    Passenger List  

                                                                David Bullert (age 37)
                                                                wife Rosa (maiden SEEHAVER) (age 33)
                                                                daughter Pauline (age 4)
                                                                daughter Augusta (age 1 1/2)

                                                                son August (age 11)
                                                                "sister" Justine (age 18) [David had no sister by this name, so likely Rosa Seehaver's sister.]

        David's older brother, Gottlieb, had already arrived in America almost 4 years earlier.  Gottlieb Emanuel
BULLERT (1809-1870),

        wife Caroline (RISTAU) (1813-unk) and four children arrived in New York City on Dec. 11, 1853, settling in Jessenland, Sibley

        County, Minnesota to farm 160 acres.  

        David's cousin, Gottfried BULLERT (1808-1885), had arrived 7 months earlier.  Gottfried and wife Dorothea (JAHNS - also spelled

        JANS) (1811-1865), and their six children arrived in New York City on Sept. 29, 1856, settling in Green Isle Township, Sibley

        County, Minnesota to farm 160 acres.  

        By the 1870 U.S. census, David Wilhelm Erdmann BULLERT and his family had settled not far from his cousin, Gottfried

        BULLERT, in Green Isle Township, Sibley County, Minnesota where he farmed 160 acres.  




​        David died on Feb. 25, 1887 at age 67 in Green Isle, Sibley, Minnesota.   David and Rosa (SEEHAVER) BULLERT are buried in

        Zion Lutheran Cemetery (Old), Green Isle, Sibley County, Minnesota.


This cemetery is the original Zion Lutheran Cemetery (Old), located in rural Green Isle Twp., on Hwy. # 25 at the intersection of Co. Rd. # 216 (gravel road).  

This cemetery is affiliated with the newer church and cemetery located approximately two miles north and slightly west.

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Violet Brockhoff nee Bullert.  It was found in her parents' home (Ed and Alvina Bullert) on the bottom of a dresser drawer when her parents passed away.  She had a copy made for me at that time.  Violet has also passed away and I don't know where it is, or even if it still exists. I don't think there was a date on the photo, or I would have copied it."

DAVID ERDMANN BULLERT Geboren den 31 Jan 1820 Gestorben den 25 Feb 1887 im Alter 67 Jahre 23 Tage. DAVID ERDMANN BULLERT born 31 Jan 1820 died 25 Feb 1887 at age 67 years 23 days.


​Hier ruhet in Gott Rosa Bullert Geborenne Seehaiver Geb[oren] den 14 Sept 1824 Gest[orben] den 22 Jul 1903. "Here rests in God Rosa Bullert born Seehaiver born 14 Sept 1824 died 22 Jul 1903."

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David Erdmann BULLERT (1820-1887)

and wife Rosa SEEHAVER (1825-1903)

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (Old),

​Green Isle, Sibley County, Minnesota, USA

Zion Lutheran Cemetery (Old)

​Green Isle, Sibley Co., Minnesota

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Daniel BULLER's 4th Great Granddaughter

      Original Farmhouse of David and Rosa BULLERT 

According to Eldrene (Zeigler) Ebert, researcher with Sibley County Historical Society, Sibley, Minnesota: "​This is the original farmhouse in which David and Rosa (Seehaver) Bullert lived.  It was located in Section 23 of Green Isle Township, Sibley County, Minnesota, just north of Schauer's Lake.  It was probably built when David bought the land in 1866.  The house was moved to Section 21 in 1874 when David got land there.  In October 2001, the house was torn down by Donald Ziegler.  This old picture was in the possession of