Gottfried BULLERT


Chart of Descendants - 3rd Generation

Both Gottfried BULLERT and Dorothea Elisabeth GARZ (also JAHNS or JANS) were born in Zempelburg, Kreis Flatow, West Prussia (now Sepolno Krajenskie, Poland).  They married on Nov. 4, 1832 in West Prussia.  Gottfried was the brother of Dorothea's first husband, Daniel BULLERT, who died at age 31.  Thus, Gottfried Bullert became the stepfather of son Charles "Carl" Ludwig BULLERT (1831-1877).  

​Gottfried and Dorothea had 12 children born in West Prussia.  Tragically, 7 children died at birth or within days of birth, and 1 died at age 2 1/2 years.  Only 5 children lived to adulthood: Wilhelmine "Minnie (1835-1915), Johann "John" Adam (1838-1920), Freidrich Wilhelm (1847-1900), Daniel (1848-1936) and Bertha Elisabeth (1851-1940).  Stepson Charles "Carl" Ludwig also lived to adulthood.

Gottfried and Dorothea were granted permission by the Union of the Prussian Citizens, Royal Government Department of Interior, with an official document to travel to the United States with 6 children.  The document indicates they were from the village of Vandsburg (Wiecborc in Polish), Kreis Flatow, West Prussia - about 8 miles south of Zempelburg (Sepolno Krajenski in Polish):

July 12, 1856

Gottfried (age 48),

wife Dorothea Elisabeth (JANS), 

daughter Wilhelmine

sons Johann Adam

son Friedrich Wilhelm

son Daniel

daughter Bertha Elisabeth 

stepson Carl Ludwig Bullert

Arrival - Sept. 29, 1856 to Port of New York City, New York

Ship "Meta" from Bremen to New York.  Passenger list indicated Gottfried's destination was Minnesota.

Gottfried (age 48), wife Dorothea E. (45), Carl L. (24), Wilhelmine (21), John A. (18), Fredrich (9), Daniel (7) and Bertha E. (4).  Also from Prussia destination Minnesota were families SCHAUER and MIEHLKE.

The 1860 U.S. Census lists the Gottfried Bullert family in Green Isle Township, Sibley County, Minnesota.

Aug. 1, 1861 - Gottfried Bullert was granted 160 acres by President Abraham Lincoln.  

SE 1/4 of Section 35 in Township 114 North, Range 27 West in the district of lands subject to sale at Henderson, Minnesota, containing 160 acres.  

​Both Gottfried and Dorothea BULLERT died in Green Isle, Sibley Co., Minnesota, but their burial location is not known.

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The "gold standard" for Gottfried Bullert's family history for decades was, and still is, a family history book researched and compiled by


who wrote a 133-page family history book entitled,

"The Ever-Moving Hands of Time, Family History of Mr. and Mrs. Gottfried Bullert (1808-1995)"  

It was to celebrate the 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary on April 30, 1936 of her grandparents,

Gottfried Otto BULLERT (1866-1943) and Wilhelmine Ottilie BRUCH (1864-1938).

"[d]edicated to the original family [Gottfried BULLERT and Dorothea Elisabeth JANS]

who braved the trip across the Atlantic Ocean so long ago

to start their new home here in America when all was a wilderness.  

Let us ever keep this in our memories."

Evelyn (WIGAND) KLANCKE SCHRUPP (1924-2015)